Rain, Tea and Volcanos

such a beautiful song:



Autumn is coming

Hey everyone,

I am currently in my hometown, doing an internship in a school. Jupp, I want to become a teacher one day teaching biology and german studies. It’s kinda weird moving back home and sharing the place with my mom again. I had to get used to that again, but now it’s fun. Anyway it’s just for 3 weeks. After my internship I am going to visit my good friend Caro in Berlin. So excited. That’s going to be a great weekend.

One thing I am really annoyed of is this cold and grey and uargh weather right now here in germany. Is it cold at your place as well? I hate it. No,.. wrong. Normally I love cold weather especially the beginning of autumn, when all the leaves are not fully colored, but gently becoming yellow.

When the sun turns golden and you can pick apples and blackberries.

(both images from we heart it)

When your choice of records is turning from Manu Chao and Buena Vista Social Club to Cat Power and Calexico. However, the early of september is wayyy too early for that kind of temperature. Don’t you think?



As I told you, here is a little photo of the R2D2 i sewed for my nephews first day of school πŸ™‚

have a nice day!


I had such a great weekend!
Friends of mine (two girls) married last Friday and it was such a perfect day!
They’ve been together for a long long time and now they finally said yes!
The weather was perfect, eventhough it was raining all night long before. After the official ceremony we went to a cute french restaurant where we ate soo lovely and tasty things and of course: way too much πŸ™‚ but it was really really delicious!

My boy was with me at my moms place the whole weekend. Allthough it was raining the whole weekend we had a great time. We went to my grandparents house (which is a really great house, I wanted him to see it!) and enjoyed nice and cosy evenings in my old room.

On tuesday we went to my brother because my youngest nephew had his first day in school. Now he’s a real school kid and not a kindergarden kid anymore πŸ™‚
He was soo nervous, but he did all well and we are very proud of him.

I sewed him a R2D2 puppy to cuddle with. He is very into that star wars thing and was really happy about my gift πŸ™‚

I have a photo of it. I will put it online later on.

Now I have to go to bed.
Lot to do for university tomorrow 😦

sleep well!

Bonjour Bonjour


so this is my first entry right now. I’m a little excited about that πŸ™‚Β I thought a long time about getting a new blog again and finally decided to want to have one. Actually I started blogging when I was about 15 years old (I am now 22) and had my own little site where I made everything by my own. You still can visit the site.Β Unfortunately the whole site is in german, so not everyone is able to understand it πŸ™‚ In fact, I wanted to delete the site, but my brother hosted the webspace and we both forgot the password and everytime I remember him to do something to delete it for good, he disposes me and says he has no time bla bla. You know, just like big brothers are.

But that was originally not what I wanted to talk about πŸ˜€

This little blog is to be my little creativity corner. I love crafting and homemade things. So this is what you will find at this little world wide web presence:

homemade recipes



and some stories about everything πŸ™‚

So let’s get started! I’m so excited about meeting new interesting people sharing the same interests and stuff!

hugs and kisses,